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A few years ago a little girl appears into a world of vanity. Unknown to her, she becomes a slave to the spotlight.

She never asks for any of it, just like every other slave. As the years go by, she learns to cope with the constant beauty compliment, which seems surreal.

She finds her“new reality” overwhelming, but all she wants is to be herself. At first, she hardly considers posing vaguely in front of a camera, because the thought of it appeared quite cliché. 

Above all, her parents disapproved the idea, especially her father. In fact, he believes “modeling is a facade built for young women with no future”. 

One day, a trial “hour of fun” ignites something in her.

She easily “nails it”, and it felt just like home. She could also feel the peace of mind and the escape from reality. The rest is history. 

Soon after, her friends start to ask, what now, why do you do it? “This is what I love to do”, she replies.

Beyond the passion, she envies the impact and influence she has on other young girls.  She is humbled knowing that someone out there looks up to her. 

Faith Nthabiseng
Faith Nthabiseng
Photo credit: Justice Hubane

Faith Nthabiseng
Photo credit: Path Images

A few minutes of fame is a prerequisite of being a model.

But sadly, there are more vices than virtues. The industry is very competitive, and this makes her low self-esteem inevitable.  She’s either trying to fit in or match the “desired look”.

Presently, there’s a continuous struggle going on inside her, but she’s learning to love all her flaws. 

Unfortunately, our society has its opinion of “beauty without a brain”.This stereotype propels her to prove to her parents that beauty and brains can coexist.

Meanwhile, this industry makes people do some unspeakable things to become famous, but she tries not to compromise her beliefs. 

There are no hard feelings, but she has always been a modest girl from her childhood days. So it became a part of her.

In conclusion, it takes forever before she starts getting recognition.

In other words, modeling is not as luxurious as it seems from the outside.  It is not a smooth sail.

But regardless of the challenges ahead, she will never lose faith. I AM SHE! 

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Photo credit(s): Groovygc, Path Images (@pathimages), Justice Hubane.

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