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Edith Head once said, “You can get anything in life if you dress for it”. A man’s style introduces him even before he starts to speak. The fashion rules we have listed below are not meant to be broken….well, except you’re Mr Bean.


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As an aspiring supermodel, having a good knowledge of photographers who have good taste is necessary, if you must boost your career. Professional photographers who can anticipate moments and tell captivating stories in one shot are not easy to find these days.

The benefits of working with good photographers are numerous. If you want to have a successful modeling career, you must be willing to pay a professional photographer.

In the early ’90s, classic models have been known to always keep a collection of (a minimum of) four amazing photos in their portfolio. These photos are always within reach like a businessman always carries his card. These four photos can be likened to the “holy grail” for models.


This shot shows the model wearing something that reveals her physique clearly, (like the ones you see on Bay-watch). Models use this photo to flaunt their flawless body. This photo also shows the model’s flexibility.


This photo clearly reveals more details (asymmetry) of the model’s face. Little or no-makeup should be applied when taking a beauty shot. Rocking your natural hair is also recommended. Agents want models to floss their “inner beauty”.


A model shows how her vibrancy in this photo by appearing in casual outfits (like snickers and denim jackets). This shot gives the model a very cool and chicky look. Popular sports brands endorse models who meet their criteria from this photo.


This photo requires a bit of planning. It should be similar to the kind of photos you see in editorials or magazine covers. While taking the shot, the use of costumes is necessary.

PS: After picking your best four shots, create a printed version and place in your portfolio. Always provide details like your name, contact and body measurements alongside.

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The world of modeling is very adventurous in nature, where the heights you can attain are unimaginable and very unpredictable. As a beginner model, one of the crucial things that you should know about is “A GO-SEE”.

A go-see involves going to see (or be seen by) a prospective booker or a person who is casting for a particular job. Tyra Banks went on 10 go-sees a day in Paris. If you feel you have you’ve got what it takes to be the new Tyra, then these are some tips you must know to make a lasting impression (at a go-see).

  • Before you go, prepare yourself by practicing your cat walk, poses, and different facial expressions in the mirror.
  • Do a background research on the agency or client and beware of fake agents.
  • Always make sure you make-up is as minimal/nude as possible, this will enhance your natural beauty.
  • Always carry a pair of heels (black preferably), in case you are asked to walk.
  • Don’t go wearing nail polish, keep it clear and simple.
  • Pull your hair back so that your face and bone structure can be seen at a glance.
  • Don’t be late!
  • Maintain a good posture by standing up straight, with shoulders back.
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  • Speak the truth, if you don’t have a lot of experience it’s okay to say it out.
  • Be spontaneous and feel free to showcase your natural abilities.

In summary, you have to do what it takes to demonstrate you are right person for the modeling job.

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5 Steps You Must Take To Give Your Wardrobe A Modern Look.

Maintaining an organized wardrobe requires a lot of discipline (because updating your wardrobe is an ongoing process). If you spend more than 2 minutes to get your clothes sorted out for work or school, after reading this you should never spend more than 1 minute to get any item sorted out from your wardrobe again.

Make your life easier and save time in future by following these simple steps below.

STEP 1: Empty and clean your closet.

Isolate any clothes, shoes, bags you have not worn in the past 3 months. I bet you don’t need them anymore. Simply take everything out give out anything you don’t need anymore. Why not put a smile on someone’s face by making a dress donation? After sorting out the relevant items don’t stare at the empty wardrobe, grab a moist soft cloth and clean it thoroughly with any nice cleaning product.

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STEP 2: Design your preferred wardrobe style.

Look at your wardrobe objectively and try to figure out how to design it in a way that it fits and accommodate all your stuffs. Take advantage of the sides spaces and If you wear polos often you definitely need more vertical storage space for folded shirts. Built-in shelves are also perfect for wrist watches and perfumes.

Whatever you create just ensure you have enough hanging space. If you have tons of fashion accessories then you can hang hooks on the side walls, this will surely free-up space.

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STEP 3: Categorize all your items.

Now that you have designed your ideal wardrobe, the next step is to arrange similar items in the same spot. Your workout clothes should not be mixed up with corporate or social dresses.

Items like belts, pants, bags, bum shorts, cufflinks, face caps should be kept in separate compartments. Always ensure you hang anything delicate or fancy like blazers, dinner gowns, skirts or diamond-crusted lingerie.

For a better experience, hang your clothes facing the same direction. Arrange longer clothes on the left and shorter ones on the right. This is important because it gives the bottom of your clothes an upward sloping look. Try this and see the neat look it adds to your wardrobe.

Step 4: Colour-coding your wardrobe.

Colour-coding makes your wardrobe easy to navigate and gives your visitor a lasting impression about you. Colour-coding in simple terms means to keep all your dresses in similar colours together. This creates an amazing colour distinction that will make your wardrobe totally Instagram worthy.

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STEP 5: Apply the “one in, one out” rule.

This rule states that for every new item you bring into your wardrobe, you get rid of another. If you just received a new pair of nice Louboutin shoes as a gift, it is advisable you discard the black scraggy boots you haven’t worn in three years.

If you break this rule, in a short time you may still end up with unwanted and outdated stuff at the end of every year.

In summary, to maximize space in your wardrobe and make it appear catchy to the eyes, roll your socks, tights, underwear and place them in drawer dividers. If you love scarves a lot, tying them on a hanger is a good option.

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As an aspiring top model, knowing these few tips will give you a boost up the ladder of your career. An Instagram model is not a model. There are principles to abide by if you really want to become a Top Model. Have you noticed that Famous brands like YSL, PRADA, MOSCHINO always work with certain models, like Adut Akech. Every top model knows these tips I’m about to share with you.

Photo: Shutterstock

#1 TIP: Who’s my favourite model?
Every model must have a role model in the industry. Having someone to study is the very first step you should take as a model. Observe your favourite models closely by watching their youtube videos or Instagram stories.

Look out for details like the way they tilt or turn their head, watch their countenance during their runway walk or portrait shoots. If you follow up on your favourite models, you can easily see minor flaws and avoid the mistakes they make.

#2: Where’s my Z-card?
Your composite (or Z) card is like your portable resume as a model. It contains at least two recent snapshots of you. One of the photos should be cropped from the neck up, This is referred to as a beauty shot.

I recommend you take these snapshots in black and white. Always take your Z-card along with you, like your house key. As a model, being prepared and up-to-date gives you a higher chance of hitting the big screen.

#3: Who are the stakeholders?
As a model, you need to get familiar with fashion designers, photographers, model scouts and so on. Do a little research on the key players in the industry. Read a couple of books written by previous A-list models. Knowing a bit of every everything also makes it easier to connect with new people.

In our next post, I’ll be sharing more useful tips.

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